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COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping


Aasander Frostner Eleonor

MitoPedia topics: EAGLE 

COST: Member


Name Åsander Frostner Eleonor, MSc


Institution Mitochondrial Medicine
Eleonor Asander Frostner

Lund University, SE

Address BMC A13, Sölvegatan 17, 22184
City Lund
Country Sweden
Email [email protected]
Weblink http://portal.research.lu.se
O2k-Network Lab SE Lund Elmer E



Gnaiger 2020 MitoFit Preprint Arch.v72020Gnaiger E, Aasander Frostner E, Abdul Karim N, Abdel-Rahman EA, Abumrad NA, Acuna-Castroviejo D, Adiele RC, et al (2020) Mitochondrial respiratory states and rates. MitoFit Preprint Arch.v7 (in prep).
MitoEAGLE blood cells 12020Åsander Frostner Eleonor*, Aburel Oana M*, Avram Vlad F*, Calabria Elisa, Castelo Rueda Maria Paulina*, Chamkha Imen*, Čižmárová Beata, Danila Maria-Daniela*, Doerrier Carolina*, Eckert Gunter P*, Ehinger Johannes K, Elmer Eskil*, Garcia-Souza Luiz F*, Gnaiger Erich*, Hoppel Florian*, Karabatsiakis Alexander*, Keppner Gloria, Kidere Dita*, Krako Jakovljević Nina, Labieniec-Watala Magdalena*, Lelcu Theia*, Micankova Petra, Michalak Slawomir*, Molina Anthony JA*, Pavlovic Kasja, Pichler Irene*, Piel Sarah, Rousar Tomas, Rybacka-Mossakowska Joanna, Schartner Melanie, Siewiera Karolina*, Silaidos Carmina*, Sjövall Fredrik*, Sobotka Ondrej*, Sumbalova Zuzana*, Swiniuch Daria, Vernerova Andrea*, Volani Chiara*, Vujacic-Mirski Ksenija*, Watala Cezary* (2020) Interlaboratory guide to mitochondrial respiratory studies with peripheral blood mononuclear cells and platelets. - Updated: 2020-03-06 - *Confirmed
Gnaiger 2019 MitoFit Preprint Arch2019Gnaiger E, Aasander Frostner E, Abdul Karim N, Abdel-Rahman EA, Abumrad NA, Acuna-Castroviejo D, Adiele RC, et al (2019) Mitochondrial respiratory states and rates. MitoFit Preprint Arch doi:10.26124/mitofit:190001.v6.
Westerlund 2017 Pediatr Res2017Westerlund E, Marelsson SE, Ehinger JK, Sjövall F, Morota S, Åsander Frostner E, Oldfors A, Darin N, Lundgren J, Hansson MJ, Fellman V, Elmér E (2017) Oxygen consumption in platelets as an adjunct diagnostic method for pediatric mitochondrial disease. Pediatr Res 83:455-65.


Aasander Frostner 2019 MiP20192019
Eleonor Aasander Frostner
No abstract, Co-autor of Avram 2019 MiP2019 and Betiu 2019 MiP2019.
Betiu 2019 MiP20192019
Cell-permeable succinate improves amiodarone-induced mitochondrial Complex I and II inhibition in human platelets.
Avram 2019 MiP20192019
Vlad Avram
Cell-permeable succinate bypasses statin-induced decrease in mitochondrial ATP-generating respiration in human platelets.
Calabria 2019 MiPschool Coimbra2019
Elisa Calabria
Investigating mitochondrial function in blood cells by high-resolution respirometry: contribution to an interlaboratory study. MitoEAGLE WG4.
Aasander Frostner 2017 MiP20172017
Åsander Frostner Eleonor
Cell-permeable succinate and malonate as research tools. Aasander Frostner_Poster
Aasander Frostner 2011 Abstract MiP20112011Is there a systemic mitochondrial biogenic response to aerobic training? Mitochondrial respiration in platelets from athletes forced to rest following a knee injury.

MitoEAGLE Short-Term Scientific Mission

Work Plan summary
1. During my proposed STSM period at the Oroboros workshop in Schröcken, Austria, I would like to: 1) follow up on our collaboration on blood cell respirometry with Mr Luiz Garcia Souza, Medical University of Innsbruck, who we hosted for an STSM period earlier this year, and also follow up on the WG4 working group meeting that we organised in Lund in May 2018. 2) within the concept of training - train towards proficiency test (WG1). 2. The aims of my STSM would highly contribute to the scientific objectives of MitoEAGLE through following up and evaluating experiments, discussions and also future collaborations within Working Group 4. Further, training for and developing proficiency ring tests would also be fully in line with the Action. 3. Taking part in the workshop would give me the possibility to enhance my skills in high-resolution respirometry and to receive the very latest updates on the technique. 4. My tasks would include the following: 1) WG1.2: Development of interlaboratory proficiency ring test, of recommendation/certification reports and of a MitoEAGLE proficiency training module. 2) WG1.3 Training MitoEAGLEproficiency test manager

Participated at