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Bioblast alert 2015

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Bioblast alert 2015

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Bioblast alert

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Bioblast alert 2015(01): 2015-01-01

Gentle Science

Bioenergetics - Arts meets Gentle Science - Bioenergetics Exhibition, March 15-June 17, 2015, Science Museum of Virginia, US - a Gentle Science project initiated by Shilpa Iyer.

MiPArt by Odra Noel

» MiPschools 2015: »» Cape Town ZA, March 24-28 »» London UK, April 20-25 »» Greenville US, August 10-14.

» Mitochondrial Physiology Conference MiP2015, Sep 7-11, Luční Bouda, Czech Republic.

Bioblast wiki Bioblast track - evolving hot Bioblast topics: reflections at the beginning of the New Year.

HRR - high-resolution respirometry was established 20 years ago: Control of mitochondrial and cellular respiration by oxygen. J Bioenerg Biomembr 1995.

Bioblast alert 2015(02): 2015-04-28

Bioblast alert 2015(03): 2015-07-03

MitoPedia » Melatonin beyond the clock

MitoPedia ROUTINE - LEAK - ETS - ROX: this is the 'phosphorylation control protocol' (PCP) for intact cells - or better coupling-control protocol (CCP)?

» Special Issue on Mitochondrial Biology, Toxicology, and Medicine by Ryan J. Mailloux, University of Ottawa,Ottawa, Canada ([email protected]) - deadline August 14, 2015.

» MitoGlobal Events: MiP2015 - early registration deadline July 14!

Bioblast alert 2015(04): 2015-08-24

MiPArt by Odra Noel MitoGlobal Events: Programme Mitochondrial Physiology Conference, CZ, Sept 2015 now online: »MiP2015«. Last-minute registrations are encouraged - a special opportunity for MiPmembers, students and young investigators - no surcharge for late registration.

Bioblast wiki Send your favourite » Bioblast picture of the month.

MitoGlobal 5 years ago: the Bioblast Boost » Bioblast:About

MitoPedia » MitoPedia: Respiratory states: apparent excess capacities of respiration Excess E-P capacity Excess E-R capacity

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