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Talk:Oxygen calibration - DatLab

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O2 calibration is the calibration in DatLab of the oxygen sensor. It is a prerequisite for obtaining accurate measurements of respiration. Accurate calibration of the oxygen sensor depends on (1) equilibration of the incubation medium with air oxygen partial pressure at the temperature defined by the experimenter; (2) zero oxygen calibration; (3) high stability of the POS signal tested for sufficiently long periods of time; (4) linearity of signal output with oxygen pressure in the range between oxygen saturation and zero oxygen pressure; and (5) accurate oxygen solubility for aqueous solutions for the conversion of partial oxygen pressure into oxygen concentration. The standard oxygen calibration procedure is described below for high-resolution respirometry with the calibration routine using instrumental calibration DL-Protocols in DatLab.

Reference: MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP, MiPNet12.20_O2k-calibration_tutorial

General Information

  • how to perform
    • what to do with the instrument
    • what to do in the software (general): protocol versus no protocol, Marks R1 and R0 needed

DatLab 8

  • How to get R1 and R0
  • calibration values are stored together with instrument identifiers and sensor numbers
  • bottom left and bottom right: yellow until calibration has been confirmed

DatLab 7.4

see current content of the page


  • marks: what is it, how to set it, how to extract values
  • events: what is it, how to set it
  • special situation: one computer, several O2ks connected

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