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Important information for the MitoFit Proficiency Test (PT)

Required equipment:


» Digitonin, Pyruvate, Malate, ADP, Cytochrome c, CCCP, Glutamate, Succinate, Octanoylcarnitine, Rotenone, Glycerophosphate, Antimycin A

We are aware that the Quality Control of the chemicals is a key factor influencing the results of the MitoFit Proficiency test. For the present test, however, due to logistic limitations, participants are asked to perform tests using their own chemicals. For future tests, provision of critical chemicals is planned. Should the lack of some chemicals be the main reason why you do not see fit to participate in the current round, we kindly ask for your feedback and see if we can solve the issue. We will try to solve any problems.

Experiments are to be performed:

  • individually (one O2k instrument per participant)
  • without any further help
  • Manuals and SOPs can be used, see: O2k-Open Support

Registration form and self assessment:

MitoFit PT pdf
Send the registration form to [email protected]

Time schedule

Round 01 - 20 labs invited

2018-10-11 DatLab 7.3 and instructions to be sent to the participants of the study
2018-10-12 to 15 Level I PT to be performed: instrumental background oxygen flux and air calibration, using the Instrumental DLPs

Shipping of HEK cells

2018-10-16 DatLab Files have to be sent to [email protected]
2018-10-17 Arrival of shipment at customer’s site at the latest

Feedback on Level I sent to participants

2018-10-18 to 26 Level II PT to be performed: SUIT RP 1/2, technical repeats
2018-10-29 DatLab files to be sent to Oroboros for analysis (Level II)
2018-11-09 Report sent to the participants

Scientific objective

Together with a literature review and preliminary data from the Oroboros MitoFit laboratory, we are going to publish the test results in collaboration with the Department for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Health Economics, Medical University of Innsbruck, as part of the K-Regio Project MitoFit.
With the participation in the MitoFit Proficiency Test, you agree on the use of experimental data collected for the test, to be used for research purposes in an anonymized way.

Time requirements

Level 1. Air calibration and Instrumental background oxygen flux: ca. 3 hours
Level 2. SUIT-001 or SUIT-002: ca. 3 hours, including air calibration
Level 3. Data analysis: 1 hour
Within the timespan of one workday, your personal proficiency is comprehensively evaluated, using your own O2k and your laboratory equipment.

Additional support