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Submission form for MitoFit Preprint Arch

Submission form 2019-04-01 (version 2) - download pdf

Manuscript type

1. Experimental
໐ Original research article, including 'negative' results (irrespective of supporting a working hypothesis)
໐ Methods section with application examples, prior to full manuscript submission
໐ Confirmative or contradictory results, related to previous publications (reproducibility)
2. Theoretical
໐ Theoretical work with novel concepts
໐ Focal review with meta-analyses
໐ Commentary
3. Perspectives
໐ Editorial
໐ Educational perspective, including concerns about minority groups, scientific corporate responsibility, resources and environment
4. Scientific event: .............................
໐ Extended abstract
໐ Slides of oral presentation
໐ Poster

Quality check

1. Authors
໐ 'Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals' by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) have been followed (see The Vancouver Protocol)
໐ Written consent is given by all coauthors, and by all persons mentioned in the acknowledgements
໐ Author contributions are explained in a separate section
໐ Institutional addresses and email addresses are listed for all coauthors
໐ A single corresponding author is specified
2. Ethics and recommendations
໐ Mandatory ethics approvals are fully reported
໐ SI units are used
໐ IUPAC and IUBMB guidelines are implemented
໐ MitoEAGLE recommendations on terms and symbols are implemented, to facilitate use of data in a database
3. Format
໐ Abstract of standard length—or the extended abstract—is submitted as a text file
໐ The complete manuscript with embedded high-quality figures and tables is submitted as a pdf file, avoiding oversized files
໐ Supplements are submitted as separate files, avoiding oversized files
໐ A data repository for original data and traceability is provided
໐ Present tools are not available for a data repository. When corresponding data management tools become available, a data repository will be published
໐ Redundant duplication is avoided of text and figures from previous publications or from the internet

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Submission form for MitoFit Preprint Arch


Manuscripts submitted to MitoFit Preprint Archives have to be accompanied by this submission form.

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