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Description [[File:Glutamic_acid.jpg|left|100px|Glutam
[[File:Glutamic_acid.jpg|left|100px|Glutamic acid]] '''Glutamic acid''', C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>9</sub>NO<sub>4</sub>, is an amino acid which occurs under physiological conditions mainly as the anion '''glutamate<sup>-</sup>, G''', with ''p''K<sub>a1</sub> = 2.1, ''p''K<sub>a2</sub> = 4.07 and ''p''K<sub>a3</sub> = 9.47. Glutamate&malate is a substrate combination supporting an N-linked pathway control state, when glutamate is transported into the mt-matrix via the [[glutamate-aspartate carrier]] and reacts with [[oxaloacetate]] in the [[transaminase]] reaction to form [[aspartate]] and [[oxoglutarate]]. Glutamate as the sole substrate is transported by the electroneutral glutamate<sup>-</sup>/OH<sup>-</sup> exchanger, and is oxidized in the mitochondrial matrix by [[glutamate dehydrogenase]] to α-ketoglutarate ([[oxoglutarate | 2-oxoglutarate]]), representing the [[glutamate anaplerotic pathway control state]]. Ammonia (the byproduct of the reaction) passes freely through the mitochondrial membrane.
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