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Rodriguez 2013 Int J Mol Sci

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Rodriguez C, Martín V, Herrera F, García-Santos G, Rodriguez-Blanco J, Casado-Zapico S, Sánchez-Sánchez AM, Suárez S, Puente-Moncada N, Anítua MJ, Antolín I (2013) Mechanisms Involved in the Pro-Apoptotic Effect of Melatonin in Cancer Cells. Int J Mol Sci 14:6597-613.

» PMID: 23528889 Open Access

Rodriguez C, Martin V, Herrera F, Garcia-Santos G, Rodriguez-Blanco J, Casado-Zapico S, Sanchez-Sanchez AM, Suarez S, Puente-Moncada N, Anítua MJ, Antolin I (2013) Int J Mol Sci

Abstract: It is well established that melatonin exerts antitumoral effects in many cancer types, mostly decreasing cell proliferation at low concentrations. On the other hand, induction of apoptosis by melatonin has been described in the last few years in some particular cancer types. The cytotoxic effect occurs after its administration at high concentrations, and the molecular pathways involved have been only partially determined. Moreover, a synergistic effect has been found in several cancer types when it is administered in combination with chemotherapeutic agents. In the present review, we will summarize published work on the pro-apoptotic effect of melatonin in cancer cells and the reported mechanisms involved in such action. We will also construct a hypothesis on how different cell signaling pathways may relate each other on account for such effect. Keywords: Melatonin, Cancer cells, Apoptosis, ROS

Labels: MiParea: Pharmacology;toxicology 

Stress:Cell death, Oxidative stress;RONS 

Review, Melatonin