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OROBOROS MiPNet News (2013-02-10)

Functional Mitochondrial Diagnosis

Dear O2k-User,

We would like to integrate information on approaches to functional diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases using high-resolution respirometry (HRR). We would be glad if you take a couple of minutes for answering questions in Section 1 on diagnostic approaches, and the general questions in Section 2.

1. Is your lab involved in the application of the O2k for the diagnostic evaluation of mitochondrial defects in patients using any of the following models: [Yes / No]

a) [Y/N]: Isolated mitochondria
b) [Y/N]: Specific enzymes
c) [Y/N]: Tissue homogenate
d) [Y/N]: Permeabilized tissue, muscle fibres
e) [Y/N]: Permeabilized cells
f) [Y/N]: Intact cultured cells (fibroblasts, ..)
g) [Y/N]: Blood cells (platelets, monocytes, ..)
h) [Y/N]: In vivo (ergometry, MRI, ..)
i) If you can add any further information, this would be highly appreciated: e.g. tissue, cell types; specific mt-diseases; other ...

2. Do you want to be listed in the Mitochondrial Global Network as a MitoGlobal Player' with the following fields of research: [Yes / No]

a) [Y/N]: Basic
b) [Y/N]: Clinical
c) [Y/N]: Veterinary
d) [Y/N]: Diagnostic
e) [Y/N]: Pharmacological
f) Other: ...

If you are listed already in the Mitochondrial Global Network, please check if the contact details and all information are correct. Based on your valuable feedback, specific diagnostic links may be established, evaluating the possibility of joint project proposals, organization of workshops, or other forms of collaboration.

By return Email, you will receive a link to your personal page on the Bioblast wiki.

This is a project in the spirit of Gentle Science. With many thanks and best wishes,


Erich Gnaiger, PhD, CEO

Oroboros Instruments Corp.

High-resolution respirometry

Schöpfstrasse 18, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

T +43 512 566796; F +43 512 566796 20

Email: [email protected] MitoCom Tyrol