ISS-Integrated Suction System

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ISS-Integrated Suction System


Description ISS-Integrated Suction System: Suction pump 230 or 120 V with stainless steel housing, 2 liter waste bottle, filter and tubing; for siphoning off excess medium from the O2k-Stopper and for emptying the O2k-Chambers. The ISS is included as a standard component of the O2k-FluoRespirometer. Media containing living cells or microorganisms, various poisons (inhibitors, uncouplers) and mixtures of proteins and substrates are safely disposed off in the 2-litre waste bottle.

The suction pump (230 V or 120 V) is enclosed in a stainless steel housing, which holds a readily accessible mains switch, two removable receptacles for the tip of the tubing, an easily removable and safe connection to the gas filter which further connects to the fully stabilized waste bottle. The waste bottle with filter can be simply removed for emptying, cleaning and drying.

For specific country configurations, see Product ID 28101, 28102, 28103.

Product ID 20810
Type O2k, O2k-FluoRespirometer, Startup O2k-Respirometer

The ISS-Integrated Suction System consists of

TitleDescriptionProduct idProduct image
ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EUISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EU: Suction pump 230 V See: ISS-Integrated_Suction_System28101-01
ISS-Integrated Suction System\120 V\US-CAISS-Integrated Suction System\120 V\US-CA, suction pump 120 V (USA and Canada). See: ISS-Integrated_Suction_System28102-01
ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\AU-NZISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\AU-NZ, suction pump 230 V and plug for Australia and New Zealand. See ISS-Integrated Suction System.28103-01
ISS-Steel HousingISS-Steel Housing, a component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28110-01
ISS-Steel Housing.JPG
ISS-Waste BottleISS-Waste Bottle, 2-liter, component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28120-01
ISS-Waste Bottle.JPG
ISS-LidISS-Lid, for ISS-Waste Bottle, component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28130-01
ISS-Filter and TubingISS-Filter and Tubing, ISS-Integrated Suction System.28140-01
ISS-Filter and Tubing.JPG