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Fouret 2018 Br J NutrFouret G, Gaillet S, Lecomte J, Bonafos B, Djohan F, Barea B, Badia E, Coudray C, Feillet-Coudray C (2018) 20-Week follow-up of hepatic steatosis installation and liver mitochondrial structure and activity and their interrelation in rats fed a high-fat-high-fructose diet. Br J Nutr 119:368-80.2018PMID: 29498345
De Velasco 2017 Br J Nutrde Velasco PC, Chicaybam G, Ramos-Filho DM, Dos Santos RMAR, Mairink C, Sardinha FLC, El-Bacha T, Galina A, Tavares-do-Carmo MDG (2017) Maternal intake of trans-unsaturated or interesterified fatty acids during pregnancy and lactation modifies mitochondrial bioenergetics in the liver of adult offspring in mice. Br J Nutr 118:41-52.2017PMID: 28797310
Al-Gindan 2015 Br J NutrAl-Gindan YY, Hankey CR, Govan L, Gallagher D, Heymsfield SB, Lean ME (2015) Derivation and validation of simple anthropometric equations to predict adipose tissue mass and total fat mass with MRI as the reference method. Br J Nutr 114:1852-67.2015PMID: 26435103 Open Access
Zeng 2014 Br J NutrZeng Q, He Y, Dong S, Zhao X, Chen Z, Song Z, Chang G, Yang F, Wang Y (2014) Optimal cut-off values of BMI, waist circumference and waist:height ratio for defining obesity in Chinese adults. Br J Nutr 112:1735-44.2014PMID: 25300318 Open Access
Aoun 2012 Br J NutrAoun M, Feillet-Coudray C, Fouret G, Chabi B, Crouzier D, Ferreri C, Chatgilialoglu C, Wrutniak-Cabello C, Cristol JP, Carbonneau MA, Coudray C (2012) Rat liver mitochondrial membrane characteristics and mitochondrial functions are more profoundly altered by dietary lipid quantity than by dietary lipid quality: effect of different nutritional lipid patterns. Br J Nutr 107:647-59.2012PMID: 21774841 Open Access
Pajuelo-Reguera 2011 Br J NutrPajuelo-Reguera D, Quesada H, DΓ­az S, FernΓ‘ndez-Iglesias A, Arola-Arnal A, BladΓ© C, SalvadΓ³ J, Arola L (2011) Chronic dietary supplementation of proanthocyanidins corrects the mitochondrial dysfunction of brown adipose tissue caused by diet-induced obesity in Wistar rats. Br J Nutr 28:1-9.2011PIMD:21733324
Bosy-Westphal 2009 Br J NutrBosy-Westphal A, Plachta-Danielzik S, DΓΆrhΓΆfer RP, MΓΌller MJ (2009) Short stature and obesity: positive association in adults but inverse association in children and adolescents. Br J Nutr 102:453-61.2009PMID: 19250584 Open Access
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