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Bioblast alert 2016

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Bioblast alert 2016(01): 2016-02-10


Dear colleagues:

Over the past years, there was a continuous struggle towards a language for translating experimental findings obtained from SUIT protocols into shared information.

Let's face it: even the state-of-the-art terminology and the many inconsistent variations are not commonly understandable - they do not make sense. Various efforts, including serial editions of ‘MitoPathways’ (The Blue Book), were helpful but are still a failure: We cannot expect an audience to grasp our message, if we say ‘Complex I’ – when actually having in mind the pathway from NADH-linked substrates to CI - CIII - CIV. Should we rather say CI-CIII-CIV-linked ???

An even worse mistake: we say ‘CI&II’ (or a previous mistake: ‘CI+II’: are the two enzyme complexes added?), when we actually measure electron transfer linked to CI&II - CIII - CIV !!!

The cartoons are clear: Respiratory complexes. The words are not.

I invite you to challenge fundamentally the way we think and talk and write about our results. Canning the CI-linked, CII-linked, CI&II (CI+II) terminology is not trivial. It is a necessary step. We and many colleagues do not readily make a real change. This change is not only important but necessary in order to render the field of mitochondrial physiology less confusing and make it more attractive. Perhaps we can even attain a deeper understanding among the involved specialists - the Bioblasts.

Don't say ‘Complex I’ when it IS NOT JUST Complex I. Why talk about a subset or even a single enzyme Complex when we have complicated pathways in mind, fuelled by selections and combinations of substrate types. Stop for a moment. If you agree, take a glance at new entries into MitoPedia prepared during the past months.

» Electron-transfer-pathway state
» Categories of SUIT protocols
» SUIT protocol names

I am looking forward to your feedback. Your input will be essential in developing a common language for communication with the people whom we want to reach with research on mitochondrial physiology. Join a new initiative on quality management of reporting on mitochondrial respiratory control, to forge results into useful knowlege. Messages of mitochondrial physiology deserve to be understood on a global scale, in support of established health systems in general and mitochondrial organizations in particular. Lets cooperate in an effort to encourage our modern society to become and stay MitoFit.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Bioblast Chief Editor

MitoPedia - high-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution, in the spirit of Gentle Science.

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