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Journal title and website Annals of Neurology


Mortiboys 2008 Ann NeurolPMID: 19067348 Open AccessMortiboys H, Thomas KJ, Koopman WJ, Klaffke S, Abou-Sleiman P, Olpin S, Wood NW, Willems PH, Smeitink JA, Cookson MR, Bandmann O (2008) Mitochondrial function and morphology are impaired in parkin-mutant fibroblasts. Ann Neurol 64:555-65.2008
Echaniz-Laguna 2002 Ann NeurolPMID: 12402260Echaniz-Laguna A, Zoll J, Ribera F, Tranchant C, Warter JM, Lonsdorfer J, Lampert E (2002) Mitochondrial respiratory chain function in skeletal muscle of ALS patients. Ann Neurol 52:623-7.2002
Kunz 2000 Ann NeurolPMID: 11079540Kunz WS, Kudin AP, Vielhaber S, Blumecke I, Zuschratter W, Schramm J, Beck H, Elger CE (2000) Mitochondrial complex I deficiency in the epileptic focus of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Ann Neurol 48:766-73.2000